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Mold Removal Products To Keep Your Home Healthy

Mold is a common problem in many homes and it is a good idea to use mold removal products to get rid of the mold fungus. It grows in dark, moist places, meaning that it can be inside the walls if there is a small leak that nobody knows about.

Many people claim that common household bleach (liquid chlorine bleach) will kill mold. While it does kill almost all germs and fungi, chlorine bleach can only kill mold on the surface.

It does no penetrate porous substances such as wood, drywall, or brick to get to the rootlike structures the mold sends down into the material. Fortunately, there are several commercial mold removal products that are effective to help keep you healthy.

Try one (or more) of these mold removal products to eradicate your mold problem

MoldStat Plus is a non-chlorine bleach based mold killer. It is designed for use by the do-it-yourselfer, yet is strong enough to be used by mold abatement professionals. This product works on porous and non-porous surfaces including wood (painted or unpainted), drywall, concrete, stucco, brick, metal, plastic, or carpet.

Wet and Forget is one of the mold removal products that is designed to be used only on the outside surfaces of a home. However, it can be used on the interior if the surface is composed of natural stone or wood. Sold in one gallon containers, this product is meant to be diluted so that one gallon of product makes 6 gallons of solution for killing mold and mildew.

Customers say that the product works almost exactly as claimed. One simply sprays it on the surface where mold is growing and leaves it. Wind and rain work with this mold removal product to kill surface mold and drive the product into the pores of stone, concrete, or other porous materials to kill out the rootlike structures growing into the surface.

The major drawback for most is that the process takes weeks to reach a noticeable improvement. In addition, surfaces that are most prone to mold often see regrowth or an incomplete kill out.

Mold Armor is a ready to use mold removal product designed for use inside or outside the home on any surface where mold grows. It cleans and protects the surfaces, blocking future growth for two months.

Customer reviews are all extremely favorable. This product works in seconds, without wiping or scrubbing. Users say that it simply melts the mold on contact. However, as one person put it, “It kind of makes me wonder what’s happening to my lungs as I spray it, but this stuff works.” Another customer says that the smell is quite strong and that the room will need to be aired well to avoid exposure to the odor. The smell is similar to concentrated bleach.

These are only a few of some widely used mold removal products available on the market. All work in a different way and have different levels of effectiveness. If someone does not want to risk chemical exposure using one of these, white vinegar is normally available in most homes and will kill mold on the surface. However, it also has a very strong smell that can be overpowering and last for days at a time. It also does not penetrate below surfaces so mold will be likely to return.

After usage of mold removal products in homes make sure to air the infested rooms for some time to avoid exposure to the mold killing agents.